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Flood defence

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Andel FloodWall®

Andel FloodWall® is an innovative, modular, cost-effective perimeter flood defence system designed to prevent damage to your assets from floodwater.


Andel FloodPump®

Andel FloodPump® is an industry-unique, advanced, alarm and automatic flood pump system that can be deployed inside or out, protecting buildings and protected areas at risk from flooding. The system works continuously and automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Andel FloodAlert®

Andel FloodAlert® – a cost-effective early flood warning system for single and multiple properties at risk of flooding through rising groundwater.


Andel FloodBlox®

An easy-to-use, demountable, lightweight property flood protection solution for all types of openings such as gates, house doors, patio doors, garage doors, warehouse and factory doors.


Case study

Monmouth Prep School Case Study

After a prestigious prep school in Wales suffered extensive damage following flooding from a nearby river, we installed our market-leading early warning system, FloodAlert®, to prevent future devastation.


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