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Overview of services

Andel provides a range of innovative products and services in four key specialist areas:

Water, oil and gas leak detection

Andel's Floodline® is a unique, award winning, BMS-compatible water, oil and gas leak detection system for uninsurable risk locations within the built environment. Floodline® systems set the international benchmark for reliability, durability, effectiveness and value for money. Installed in important and sensitive areas of a building, Floodline® sensors and detectors send an immediate warning of leaks likely to cause asset damage, service disruption and loss. Floodline offers a range of control panels including Floodline® HLD, the next generation hybrid environmental monitoring system. Floodline® is made in the UK and shipped around the globe. Some of the world’s biggest brands rely on Andel for advice, design, product selection, installation, maintenance and a range of monitoring and alarm equipment.

Oil storage maintenance and compliance

Working with some of the largest public and private sector organisations, both in the UK and internationally, Andel is committed to enabling customers to save money, remain compliant, maintain operational efficiency and meet their green objectives. Ever-changing environmental legislation continually raises the stakes. In the UK, causing pollution and non-compliance are criminal offences. Andel offers a comprehensive package of ‘one-stop’ customer support – from site surveys and inspections to equipment selection, design, installation, certification, decommissioning, maintenance and tank repair and treatment and maintenance of the stored oil. All our engineers and inspectors are OFTEC qualified

Drainage and interceptor maintenance

Andel provides a comprehensive service for surface water drainage and underground interceptor maintenance. We provide a rapid-response drain unblocking service as well as full drainage trace surveys and mapping (as required by the emergency services), drain-condition surveys using state-of-the-art technology such as robot-mounted CCTV and industry-leading WinCan software and can undertake any remedial work required. For interceptors and oil separators, our engineers are trained to carry out their work to the highest standards, including interceptor commissioning, filter changing and confined space entry. We provide a highly cost-effective and friendly service, focusing on inspection first, avoiding where possible, the use of expensive tankers if not required. We tailor the service to suit the need, we use de-watering tankers that only take away contaminants, not grey water. Andel reduces costs to customers by reducing waste and ensuring that all types of interceptors, separators and surface water drainage systems are maintained and working properly. 

Flood defence

Andel provides innovative and cost-effective flood defence and flood alert systems. From a low-cost, perimeter flood defence that delivers long-term peace of mind, to a industry-unique, advanced, automatic flood pump system that can be deployed inside or out, protecting buildings and protected areas at risk from flooding. Flood defence is the most recent addition to Andel’s areas of expertise and has been developed as a response to the effects of climate change and the growing risk of flooding due to rising sea levels, coastal erosion and increasingly severe and frequent rainstorms.

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