ReBund Modular, Environmentally Friendly, Bunding, Containment and Flood Defence System

rebund-flood-defence-containmentReBund is a modular, low-cost flood defence and containment system for long-term peace of mind.

Robust, cost-effective and easy to install, ReBund™ is constructed from 100% post-industrial plastic waste, with steel reinforcement for added strength. ReBund™ is designed for easy on-site assembly for both new build and retrofit installations.

PPL FilterSepta

filtersepta-scrubber-oil-filterWith the introduction of more stringent regulations, operators may be concerned that to be absolutely safe their existing oil/water separating pump systems may need additional support or backup.

“Front-line” products, such as Andel-PPL’s BundGuard, “yes to water - no to oil” bund dewatering system, are extremely effective and reliable but some especially sensitive sites and other installations might warrant a more cautious approach. This is even more critical if the discharged water goes to soak-away or surface water drain.

FilterSepta is ideal for retrofitting to existing installations or combined with new works. FilterSepta works partly as an above-ground interceptor and filter and is ideally partnered with the Andel-PPL BundGuard unit. Whilst BundGuard tests show it to separate oil and water very efficiently (<5ppm oil present in water that has been pumped), FilterSepta helps to remove any oil or debris still present in the water.

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