Floodline Tundish - Overflow Sensor

floodline-tundish-overflow-sensorThe Floodline Tundish/Overflow sensor is designed to be attached to the overflow of a toilet cistern or other tank to provide an immediate automatic warning in the event of an overflow.

The sensor can be used singly, or in multiples, connected to any of the Floodline alarm panels. Each sensor can be allocated its own zone, or they can be installed in groups with a number of sensors attached together to form one zone.

Floodline Oil Sensor

floodline-oil-sensor-horizontal-verticalThe Floodline Oil Sensor can be included as part of a larger water leak detection system or one or more can be used to provide a dedicated oil leak alarm system. Oil Sensors are connected to a standard Floodline Control Panel giving visual and audible alarm features in addition to the facility for onward, remote, communications to BMS etc.

DP01 Pipe-in-Pipe Sensor

floodline-durapipe-dp01-oil-sensorAndel worked together with Durapipe, one of the world’s largest double containment pipework manufacturers to develop the Andel - Floodline DP01 Pipe-in-Pipe Sensor for use in pipe-in-pipe systems, double contained tanks and other projects where interstitial monitoring is required.

Floodline Point Sensor

floodline-point-sensor-horizontal-verticalThe Floodline Point Sensor is a compact sensor for vertical or horizontal mounting. Water touching its stainless steel probes activates the alarm. Used with the stainless steel Floodline Guard Plate to give heavy duty physical protection and assist fixing and adjustment.

The Point Sensor is used where Detection Cable could be damaged or where some damp, minor wetting or spillage is expected or of little concern. The sensor can be connected in any number and/or combination with other Floodline sensors.

Floodline Pipe-in-Pipe Sensor

pipe-in-pipe-oi-water-sensorThe Floodline Pipe-in-Pipe Sensor is based around a Point Sensor but designed for fitting into a female threaded socket provided at strategic points in the outer pipe.

Short stainless steel probes extend into the cavity, or annulus, created between the inner and outer pipes. When liquid escapes into the cavity and contacts a sensor the alarm is activated. Two types of device are available for water and oil (oil/any liquid).

Floodline Flexi-Pad Sensor

floodline-flexi-pad-liquid-sensorThe Flexi-Pad Sensors have been specifically designed for laying in narrow voids (too small for point sensors) or wrapped around pipes at valves or joints where leaks are more likely to occur. The Flexi-Pad Sensor can be used singly, or in groups with a number of sensors being connected together to form one zone.

A removable fabric cover assists absorption and protects the sensing surfaces. Flexi-Pad Sensors can be wetted and dried any number of times provided the sensor element/fabric cover is not contaminated with a substance that irrevocably changes its electrical characteristics. Examples may be vending machine syrup, chemical floor treatments, paints etc. After wetting, the cover can be replaced with a spare or removed for drying.

Refrigerant Gas - RGD1301m

floodline-rgd1301m-mini-refrigerant-gas-sensorThe Floodline RGD1301m Refrigerant Gas Sensor can be used as a stand-alone refrigerant alarm system OR be included as part of a larger water/oil leak detection system. It can also be used to provide a dedicated refrigerant gas detection alarm package.

The Floodline RGD1301m ensures companies comply with BS EN378 and detects refrigerant gases to HSE Occupational Exposure Limits.

Refrigerant Gas - RGD1301


VRV Air Conditioning systems

Refrigeration compressor packs

Machine/Plant Rooms

A/C Service Tunnels

Hotel Bedrooms

DX Split Units

floodline-rgd1301-refrigerant-gas-sensorThe Floodline RGD1301 Refrigerant Gas Sensor can be used as a stand-alone refrigerant alarm system OR be included as part of a larger water/oil leak detection system. It can also be used to provide a dedicated refrigerant gas detection alarm package.

The Floodline RGD1301 ensures companies comply with BS EN378 and detects refrigerant gases to  HSE Occupational Exposure Limits.

Floodline Multi-8r2 8 Zone Cable

floodline-multi8-r2-leak-detection-cableThe unique “Multi-Zone” construction of the Multi-8r2 - 8 Zone water sensitive cable allows up to eight separately reporting detection zones to be provided from one length of cable. Building on the success of our original Multi-8 cable, this revised version complies with more stringent fire, smoke and halogen tests.

The zone changeover points along the cable are provided by either traditional Floodline 8-zone junction boxes or the Plug And Play system. The zones can be any length but the usual length is between 5 and 15 metres.

Floodline Multi-8 8 Zone Cable

floodline-multi8-leak-detection-cableNB A newer version of this leak detection cable has been designed which meets much more stringent testing demands. This information is provided for historic purposes.

The unique “Multi-Zone” construction of the Multi-8 - 8 Zone water sensitive cable allows up to eight separately reporting detection zones to be provided from one length of cable.

The zone changeover points along the cable are provided by either traditional Floodline 8-zone junction boxes or the Plug And Play system. The zones can be any length but the usual length is between 5 and 15 metres.

Floodline Multi-4 4 Zone Cable

floodline-multi4-z-zone-leak-detection-cableSuper Absorbent - High Sensitivity Multi-4 - 4 Zone Detection Cable has been used for over ten years in areas where maximum leak detection sensitivity is essential.

Although superceded by Andel's more modern Multi-8 all-polymer detection cables for general usage, the highly absorbent Multi-4 cable is the best option where sensitivity to the smallest amount of water or condensation is required.

Single Zone Cable

floodline-single-zone-tapeFor high sensitivity applications where a more basic, low cost system is required. The Single Zone Tape is a very strong, easy to install sensor. The sensor can be wetted and dried any number of times. The zones can be any length but the usual length is between 5 and 15m.

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